How we started Homesteading

What does Homesteading mean to you? For me it is about self-sustaining.  My husband and I started our journey from the desire of being able to retire with very few bills.  We are about 15 years away from retirement, but we know we need to prepare now and start living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Honestly, the journey started about 7 years ago, but we didn’t even know what Homesteading was.  We were in debt just like the majority of people.  We had a mortgage, car loan and credit cards along with a love of ‘stuff’.  We spent most of our weekends shopping, eating out, taking the kids places and just spending money.  We came across Dave Ramsey and went through his Financial Peace University.  It was a tough haul, but we paid off all of our debt except the house.  We lived in town with neighbors right on top of us.  My husband was never fond of living in town, in a neighborhood…Actually he once said it was 17 years of Hell!  Getting out of debt put us in a place where we could buy a home in the country.  We found the place of our dreams on 20 acres.

We moved to our new home in Jan 2012 and then in September of 2012 I found out I was losing my job due to restructuring.  The company I had been working for had been purchased and they were moving our jobs to their corporate office on the other side of the state.  On Jan 1, 2013 I was unemployed.

I’ve never been one to sit around.  I found a job through a temp agency within 3 weeks.  I was unhappy, but it was a paycheck that we desperately needed.  Fortunately, I had an opportunity present itself in June 2013 to go to work for a company that was in a relaunch phase and this put us back in a good financial situation.  The downside to this is that an investment firm owns the company.  I know it is a matter of time before they turn it.  This is what they do.  So, we are buckling down and preparing for the worst…another job loss.

I hope that day never comes and I’m able to retire with this company.  However, we’re not going to be so naïve to think it won’t happen.  We’ve paid off our debt once again…car loan, tractor loan, credit card…We’re building an emergency fund and most of all learning how to be self-sufficient.  In case the day ever comes where we fall victim to the ever-changing corporate world, there will be less worry.

Some of the things on our list are paying off the house, putting in solar panels, planting an orchard, increasing the size of the garden, and raising chickens, pigs and cows.  Stay tuned to see how this goes.  We’re just getting started.

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