Homemade Trough

My latest project is coming up with a hay/grass trough for the goats.  We let them out for a few hours each day to graze in the pasture, but I know we will need to give them hay in the near future.  We’re trying to do things as inexpensively as possible and repurpose stuff we have lying around.

We have this old two piece plastic dog house that wasn’t being used.  I had put in their pen to see if they would play on it, but they didn’t seem interested.  Then it dawned on me to take the roof off and turn it upside down.  It makes a wonderful trough and the grass or hay won’t fall out.  The only thing is, it holds water.

Jeff drilled holes in it for me and then I found this old log saw horse that he wasn’t using any longer and decided it would make a nice stand.


I put the dog house roof on top of it and Viola!  I have a trough for the goats.


It is a bit tall though and we need to notch out the stand so it will sit a little lower.  My goal is to have it so they can both eat at the same time (from either side).  Woodrow is a bit of a bully and won’t let Ranger eat.  I’m hoping if they can eat from either side Woodrow will just let him be.

For now they are improvising and tilted it over.  I pull grass and clover for them as a little treat.  They really love the leaves off the milo.  I swear it’s like candy to them.


Woodrow is the black and white one and Ranger is the brown and white one.  Here Woodrow is happy with some milo leaves and is letting Ranger eat.  Don’t worry, Ranger gets plenty to eat.  He’s nice a plump!


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