We Have Goats!

Written 09/28/16

I had been contemplating getting goats over the past several weeks and pretty much told myself it would be too much work and put the thought aside.  Then low and behold an old friend of mine reached out to me to see if we would take her two goats.  After discussing it with my husband, we said ‘Sure!’.

They are Nigerian Dwarfs, both males and they have been clipped.  Of course they will be pets, but weed eaters and manure makers as well!

Now the fun part…we had to build a pen and shelter.  I wanted to do this as inexpensive as possible, especially since these guys are pretty much going to be pets.  The people that lived here before us raised show cattle and had a nice set up of corrals and an automatic waterer.  We just needed to reinforce one of the corrals to keep the little escape artists in.

My husband was able to get cattle panels from a friend of his in trade for mowing his pasture.  The panels worked great.  We just tied them up to the corrals with zip ties.  We already had a few panels that were on frames and we secured the gates with those.

For the shelter I was able to get pallets from the office I work at.  We have product delivered there from time to time and there were quite a few laying around in the basement.  They were happy to have me take them.  We had some old lumber laying around the barn and was able to reuse it to reinforce the shelter.  All we had to buy was some plywood and roofing material.


Now we have goats!  Meet Woodrow & Ranger!  They are so much fun!


My husband referred to them as a gateway ‘drug’.  They are going to lead into more animals on our little Homestead.  We’re thinking pigs and chickens…

I have to say, building the pen and shelter taught us some valuable skills.  Plus, having the little guys is going to teach us about caring for animals.

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