Chopping Wood

The temps are beginning to cool off here in Missouri, but Summer is trying to hang on.  We’re still having some days in the upper 70’s to low 80’s.  However, this weekend has been beautiful and we decided it was time to start working on a tree that we lost to a storm this Summer.oak-tree

We lost an Oak tree on the front side of the house.  It was pretty rotten down the middle, but there’s still a lot of usable firewood on it.  My husband started sawing chunks off it and hauling them to the barn with his tractor.


Everything we’re splitting now is for winter 2017 -2018.  The wood needs time to dry out and cure before you burn it.  If you burn it wet, you’ll get a buildup of creosote in your chimney.  Also, it won’t put out as much heat.  We heat the house with a combination of wood heat and our propane gas furnace.  We’ve been shopping around for a new wood burning stove so we can switch over to mainly wood (that’s a blog for another time).

If we have a mild winter this year, we should have enough to get us through.  If it’s a hard winter though, we’ll be using more propane than we want.  We have probably a cord seasoned and ready.

My husband put together these racks to hold the wood and allow air flow.  He set concrete deck blocks on the ground and laid cattle fences on them.  This gets the wood up off the ground and allows for air flow.  Then we stack two rows on them leaving plenty of space between the rows to allow for more air flow.

In the next two pictures you can really see a difference between the wood we split last year and the new wood we just cut this summer.  That’s not a shadow down the rack, that’s the color difference between the new, wet wood and old cured wood.


This is what we got from pulling up several limbs from that downed tree.  It almost filled up this row.  There’s still plenty more to cut though.  This one tree is going to put us in a good place for the next winter.


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