A Busy, yet Relaxing Saturday

Today was a busy, yet relaxing day here at New Garden Homestead.  How can it be relaxing and busy, you might ask?  I love being at home and doing manual labor.  It’s such a nice change from the corporate world that I live in Monday through Friday.

I started out the morning with a quick run to Wal-Mart.  When I need to do some shopping, I try to go early on a Saturday morning before the rest of the town wakes up.  I find it much easier to think and find what I need without the hustle and bustle of the other shoppers.  It’s pretty much just me and the employees early on a Saturday.

When I returned home, I got things ready to start my morning of baking.  The first thing I baked were two strawberry swirl cheesecakes for work.  We’re having a little food day on Monday for Halloween.  I’m also taking chips and a jar of salsa that I canned over the summer.


Then I made a frozen chocolate pie for home.  This is one of my husband’s favorites!  It’s super simple.  I’ll post the directions in the near future.


I also baked up a loaf of Italian bread to go with the lasagna I made for dinner tonight.


Oh, and how could I forget, I made a strawberry crock pot cake with the leftover strawberry pie filling I had from making the strawberry swirl cheesecakes.  I’m really trying to use everything and not let food go to waste.  This was super simple!  I just dumped the pie filling in the crock pot.  Then you take a box cake mix (I used a white cake mix, but you could use strawberry, chocolate or yellow) and mix it with a ½ cup melted butter.  Mix it until it’s crumbly.  Sprinkle it over the pie filling.  Cook on low for 2-3 hours.  Sprinkle white chocolate chips over the top just before serving.


After lunch I joined my husband outside to assist with cutting up the Oak tree that we lost this past summer.  We let the goats out for a little while and they enjoyed a nice snack of dried up Oak leaves.  They are so entertaining!


I watered the some plants and the cucumbers and cleaned up the goat pen before turning in and getting cleaned up.

For supper, I cooked a lasagna from scratch to go with the homemade Italian bread I baked earlier in the day.  Then I cleaned up some lettuce and spinach from the garden to make us a nice green salad.  I also added fresh spinach to the sauce in the lasagna.  Then I can’t forget dessert.  The strawberry crock pot cake turned out great!  It was very rich though.

Then I curled up on the sofa with my honey and watched a movie.  This was a wonderful, busy and relaxing Saturday here on New Garden Homestead.  I look forward to the time we get to do this every day and not just on the weekends.

How did you spend your Saturday?

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