Breakfast Burritos

One of my husband’s favorite breakfast items is my homemade breakfast burritos.  I make up a batch on the weekend and then he takes it for breakfast all week.  These are not necessarily healthy, but they are so much better than store bought or fast food.  By making them from scratch, you know exactly what’s in them.  There are no added preservatives and I can keep the sodium down.

I start by scrambling 8-10 eggs.  You could make this better for you by keeping it to just egg whites.  At the same time I brown sausage.  My husband likes the hot variety, but you can use whatever flavor or spice level you prefer.


The next step is to dice up the veggies.  My husband prefers onions and bell peppers.  You could add spinach or maybe some Pico de gallo.

We also like to put extra sharp cheddar cheese on them.  You could kick up the spice and use pepper jack cheese.


The next step is assembly.  Fill a warmed tortilla with all the fixins you love and roll it up like a burrito.  Now I don’t pre-assemble them for the week.  My husband prefers to warm up the egg and sausage before he assembles them.  He takes the veggies in one container and the egg, sausage and cheese in another.


It’s a wonderfully yummy made from scratch breakfast!

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