14 Day Pickles – Part 2

Here we are at day 8 of the 14 Day Pickles recipe.  The cucumbers have been soaking in a salt brine for the past 7 days.  The only thing I’ve done to them is stir the water around a bit to keep from getting a film on the top of the water.

I’ve removed the plate weight and now it’s time to rinse them off in cold water and slice them up.  As you can probably tell, they’re shriveled and a bit rubbery.  Don’t worry, they will get crisper over the next few days.


Before you get busy washing and slicing, put a gallon of water on the stove to boil.  Add a tablespoon of Alum to the water.

Now, back to the cucumbers.  Wash them off real good with cold water.  Then you’re going to slice them up. You can slice them into spears or chunks.  I’m doing mine in chunks.


They’re beginning to look yummy!


Your water on the stove should be boiling by now.  Turn off the heat and gently add the cucumbers.


They should be completely covered.  Weight them down and let them sit until tomorrow.



Ok, days 9 & 10 are pretty much the same as day 8.  The next two days you will drain the cucumbers and boil up a new pot of Alum water.  It’s just 1 gallon of water and one tablespoon of Alum.  Add the cucumbers to the water and weight them down.

Stay tuned for the last 4 days! (To get the full recipe, click here 14 Day Pickles – Full Recipe).

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