14 Day Pickles – Part 3

Here we are at the end of the 14 days and we have pickles!!  Very, very sweet pickles!  I finished them up yesterday and canned them.  I ended up with 7 pint jars.  My oldest daughter absolutely loves them and wants them all for herself.  Oh my…

Let me take you through the last 4 days of the process.  To read about the full journey, you can click on these links 14 Day Pickles  and 14 Day Pickles – Part 2.  I’ll also be posting the full recipe on a separate post (14 Day Pickles – Full Recipe).

Ok, day 11 – Drain the pickles and rinse with cold water.  We’re done with the alum solution and ready to move on to the wonderful sweetness.  To make this wonderfulness, you’re going to bring apple cider vinegar, 10 cups of sugar, celery seeds, cinnamon oil & clove oil to a boil.  It’s starts out pretty cloudy, but once all of that sugar dissolves, it looks like this.


You’re going to take this syrup and pour it over the pickles.


You need to weight them down so all of the pickles are submerged in the wonderfulness.


Let this sit on your counter for 24 hours.  I went ahead and placed a dishtowel over it to make sure nothing fell into it (i.e. dust or flies).

On days 12 & 13, you’re going to drain the wonderful sweet syrup and bring it to a boil.  Then just pour it back over the cucumbers and let it sit on your counter for 24 hours.

On day 14, you’re going to drain off the wonderfulness one last time and bring it to a boil.  Instead of pouring this back over a bowl of cucumbers, you’re going to pour the wonderfulness over the cucumbers in the jars.

In this picture, you can see that I have my hot water canner on the stove coming to a boil and the wonderful sweetness is coming to a boil as well.  On the counter I have the drained cucumber ready to go into jars.  There is a small pan of water behind the pot of sweetness.  This is to heat up my lids.  My work station is ready to go.


Fill the jars with the cucumbers and then ladle the sweetness over the top.


Once they are full, just place them in the hot water canner.  I let mine boil for 15 minutes.  I did keep two jars out of the hot water bath.  Those jars are going in my fridge as we’ll eat them pretty quick.  Plus, I have learned that by boiling them I am just killing off the good bacteria that you get from fermenting.  Fermented foods contain Probiotics which are very good for our digestion.  They help balance the bacteria in our digestive system.


This recipe was relatively simple.  Don’t start it if you’re going to be going away though as it does need some babysitting especially in that final week.

Give this recipe a whirl the next time you have a peck of cucumbers.  Enjoy!


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