Country Living – Best Therapy Ever!

This week has been flat-out exhausting! 

I went back to work on Monday feeling very refreshed from the long Thanksgiving weekend.  That revitalized energy carried over into Tuesday and I knocked a lot of things off my to-do list at work.  I work in the world of Accounts Receivable and we were behind from having the extra day off with Thanksgiving.  No problem though.  Me and my team ‘rolled up our sleeves’ and got back on track.

On Wednesday, I had a realization hit me.  See, my oldest daughter is moving to Washington.  She’s relocating there with the company she works for.  This has been in motion since probably September and I’ve been working through the emotions of it.  She has to report to work on Jan 9th and the final plans of getting her there are falling into place.  On Wednesday I booked my flight home from Washington.


This hit me hard and I wasn’t expecting it.  That one simple task of booking a flight solidified it for me.  My little girl has grown up and is moving away.

Now, she hasn’t lived at home in quite some time.  She had a short stint back at home after college, but it wasn’t long.  I should be adjusted already, right?

I’m so very proud of her.  She has put herself out there and keeps getting promoted.  This move will be great for her career…just sad for me.

Needless to say this brought all of those emotions to the surface (and silly me, I made that flight reservation on my break at work).  I was a mental mess the rest of the day and this just made work even more stressful.

It came to a head as I was turning in for the night and I cried myself to sleep.  I woke up with red puffy eyes and was exhausted all day Thursday.

I got home Thursday while there was still some daylight left and decided I needed to get outside.

This was the BEST THERAPY EVER! 

The cold air on my face…The crisp smell of autumn turning to winter…Then my 2 goats…they are loving the cooler temps.  I let them out and they were running around bucking and head butting each other.  It didn’t hurt that I had brought them some club crackers.  They love those things.  I decided they are Coo-Coo for Crackers and Coolness.  I wish I could have gotten some video of them.  They quickly brought a smile to my face and made me laugh.  I felt renewed again.

Here’s some recent pictures of my two goats.

Living in the country is wonderful!  I absolutely love our little slice of heaven here on earth.  I’m still working through the emotions of our daughter moving so far away, but being out here on our homestead does help make it better.  She’s getting ready to start a new chapter in her life, living her dream.  You can’t be mad at her for that.  That’s exactly what my husband and I are doing.

Thank you for listening.

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