New Wood Stove

This fall we decided to invest in an insert for our upstairs fireplace.  We have a wood stove in the basement that does a pretty good job of heating the house, but if we burn in the fireplace upstairs, it seems to pull all of the heat from the house and send it up the chimney.

One Saturday, we set out to a few stores that we found and started talking to their sales folk.  The first place we stopped had us convinced that we needed a wood stove in our upstairs fireplace.  We were ready to sign on the dotted line and give them $3,000 and have it installed.  This would include lining the chimney too.

Thankfully, we have matured enough over the years and decided we would visit the other stores that were in the area and discuss it more instead of making the impulse buy.

There was one more store that we visited that had a really good salesperson that spent time with us explaining the products to us.

He talked about the age of our current wood stove and how inefficient it is.  He told us we didn’t need an additional wood stove.  If we went that way, it would be too hot in the house.  He showed us some stoves that would be good options to replace our current stove with.

I had not gone into this with the anticipation of replacing our wood stove.  I just wanted an insert in the upstairs fireplace.  This was a lot to think about.  The price for their stove was $2,400 and we had to haul it home an install it.

We decided to sleep on it.

We decided it would be best to replace the old one that we had.


My husband took a few weeks and did some research on-line.  Gotta love the internet, don’t ya?  He compared the brands we looked at and talked to his co-workers that burn wood.

The two that we looked at were a Buck and a Harman.  They both had good qualities and bragged of long burn times, but we just didn’t want to spend that much money.

One of his co-workers suggested we look at our local Sutherlands.  They carried wood stoves at a reasonable price.  We found one, it was an Englander NC30 and it was less than $1,000!  My husband went back to work researching and we decided that the Englander was just as good as the others and we went back to Sutherlands.  The people there are very helpful and they searched and searched for one that was still in a box and found it.  They also delivered it to our house.  And a week after our purchase, we received a thank you card.  You don’t see Lowe’s or Home Depot doing that.

All we had to do was get the old one out and put the new one in…

That task actually went easier than either of us thought it would.  Once we had the new one in, my husband noticed that it was about 3 inches too tall to line up to the pipe and lining…


He was able to rent a jack hammer and chisel out some brick in the pad it sat on and it fit perfect!

He hooked up a cold air intake to the blower and it works really nice.  It doesn’t burn for 8 hours, but we’re definitely not having to load it every 2 hours like we had to with the old one.


We never did get an insert for the fireplace upstairs, but we’re happy with our purchase.

2 thoughts on “New Wood Stove

  1. valbjerke says:

    Good choice on getting a wood stove. Many many years ago in my last house – I put a fireplace insert in my upstairs fireplace. The house was not set up to accommodate a stand alone wood stove. What they fail to tell you is that in order to clean the chimney (which is generally a flexible length of pipe) you have to pull the entire unit and disconnect the pipe or all your creosote will simply clog up the chimney where it joins the insert. I’ve been heating with wood my entire life – and that one caught me by surprise. And yes – the upstairs was too hot – so it didn’t get as much use as I had intended it to. 😊

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