Sub-Zero Temps

Well the temps dipped quite a bit this weekend.  On Sunday we woke up to a temp of -6 degrees.  The wind chill put it at -25 degrees.  We had freezing drizzle that started on Friday and went into Saturday.  That turned over to sleet and then snow.


Ranger wasn’t too happy with the ‘stuff’ falling from the sky.  With the temps dropping, we decided to give them a bit more protection and made the opening to their pen smaller.


Woodrow decided he would be a good assistant and tried to hold the tape measure for Jeff.  We took another 2 feet off their doorway and added more straw.  They had a nice helping of hay inside with them along with a bucket of feed.

They stayed nice and dry and were looking pretty happy the next morning.  The sun came out and was melting away some of the ice and snow, even with sub-zero temps.


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