2017 Garden Planning

I’m beginning to get Spring Fever!

My hubby plowed up two new garden spots for me over the New Year’s weekend and it’s had me dreaming of ripe red tomatoes and juicy corn on the cob and sweet strawberries.

The plot in the forefront will be my strawberry patch.  The plot in the background is the new garden plot.


We took a walk around the property yesterday and talked about our dreams for each area.  I love doing this.  It’s so good for my soul.  While we were out there we grabbed the tape measure and measured the size of new garden spot.  It’s a good size at 58′ x 35′.


I went online last night and ordered quite a bit of seed.  This is the first time I’ve ordered seed online.  Typically I just go out and buy small plants from the box stores, but I’m through giving them all of my money.  I can’t wait to grow all of it on my own and possibly save some seeds from those plants to have for the next year.

Now that I have seeds on the way, I figured I better get a plan in place.  I sat down at my computer this morning and ‘drew’ out a plan on Excel.  I don’t have any of those fancy programs that draws out pictures.  This is about using what you have and being creative.


The picture on the left is the new garden plot.  As you can see, about 1/2 of it will be corn.  Then the red squares are tomatoes, Roma’s and Beefsteak.  The brown circles are potatoes and the green lines are onions.  I’me sure this will change 10 times before the planting begins, but it’s a start.

The picture on the right is the area we’ve been using that has three raised beds in it.  They’re enclosed in cattle panels.  The folks that lived here before us raised show cattle and we inherited all of these nice corrals.  It’s great because it keeps the deer out.

Anyway, I’ll put the lettuce, spinach, carrots and peppers in the raised beds.  The cucumbers can climb the cattle panels and then the zucchini and melons will go on the ground.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the garden.  Let me know what you like to plant and if you have any favorite varieties.

I’m so excited for Spring to get here, but for now I’ll do my best to enjoy the beauty that Winter brings.



3 thoughts on “2017 Garden Planning

  1. authorangelachristinaarcher says:

    We’ve had a few nice days (followed by several not so nice days), and in those, I’ve started getting our dirt ready and moving around some of the bins we will use for certain plants. I, too, am getting that bug. I’m ready for March for the early planting and then Spring for the rest.

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