Peaceful Morning

I’m sitting here in a quiet of the morning as my husband and daughter are still sleeping.  We joke that I have this disease that doesn’t let me sleep more than 6 hours.  While I do wish sometimes that I could sleep in, I really do love the quiet mornings.  I feel like it gives me a jump start on the day.

This morning I find myself quietly picking up the week’s clutter.  You know the mail that’s still laying on the counter, the throw blankets that are thrown about the furniture, the coats that didn’t make it to the closet, and on and on and on it goes.

This week’s clutter was just as much mine as anyone else.  I wound up with a sinus infection that knocked me down!  I’ve had plenty of them in my lifetime, but this one attacked my throat.  It felt like I was swallowing razor blades.  I broke down and went to the doctor as I was afraid that it had gone into Strep.  Luckily it had not.  She gave me an antibiotic.  I’ve been on it for three days and I’m a new person!

Now that I’m feeling 100 times better, I have a laundry list of things to do this weekend.

  • Clean house – This one can have a laundry list all of it’s own!  :O)
  • Bake bread
  • Cook a chicken – This is going to be new for me.  I bought a whole chicken and I’m going to cut it up and cook it for meal prep.  I also want to make my own chicken broth.  There will be a blog about this for sure (Cutting Up a Whole Chicken)!  You see, growing up…All I knew was that chicken came from a box.  You put it on a sheet pan and baked it.  Viola!  you had fried chicken!  I know, crazy right?
  • Clean the goat pen
  • Laundry
  • Finish my newest crochet project- Stay tuned for this one too.

For now, I’m enjoying the peacefulness of the quiet morning and watching dawn break.  It’s going to be unseasonably warm today for Missouri.  We’re supposed to hit 60 degrees and I love it.  It’s a foggy start to the day, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a great one.


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