My Peaceful Morning was followed by a short walk back to our pond to snap some pictures of the fog.  I came upon two deer and watched them for a few minutes before they spotted me and ran for the protection of the woods.

My camera had a hard time focusing on them with all the fog, but here you can see their fluffy white tails as they headed for the woods.


Then I stopped by and said good morning to Woodrow and Ranger.  Their pen is a muddy mess right now, but they don’t seem to mind.


I’ve said before how living in the country is the best therapy ( Country Living – Best Therapy Ever!) and it really is, at least for me.  It helps me reset my outlook.

I’ve been really unhappy with my job these days.  As I’ve been thinking about it (I swear I over-analyze everything), I realized that this is the first time that I’ve worked in an area of the city that is on the edge of the bad part of town.  I don’t mean this in a mean way, but I’m very close to the inner city.  Let’s just say I see some pretty interesting things go on at the fast food restaurant across the street from our office building.  We have a security guard on duty that patrols our building and parking lot.

I’m from a small town in MO and you could say I have led a sheltered life.  My parents were both from the city and moved here before I was born to get away from it.

It’s not really the job itself that I don’t like.  I’ve been in this field of work for 15+ years.  It’s the daily commute and the area that I don’t like.  I have realized that is what is bringing me down these days.  I would love to work closer to home, well actually, I would love to NOT work outside the home.  Unfortunately that’s not possible at this moment.

So, while I’m having to go to work to a place that’s in a not so good area, I know that I have my little slice of heaven to come home to.  I’m so very thankful for this.

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