My Gardening Experiment

Yesterday the mailman brought me SEED PACKETS!!


I have Spring fever really bad and have been dying to dig in the dirt.  I listened to a pod cast recently about gardening year round.  I thought this sounded great!  I’ve been looking around for some greenhouse plastic, but it’s kinda expensive on-line and I couldn’t find any at the local stores.  I decided to improvise (and go cheap) and picked up the heaviest gauge painters drop cloth I could find.

I cleaned out the raised garden beds last weekend and we picked up some garden soil to add to them.  They’ve settled quite a bit from last year and needed a bit more.  Our soil is mostly clay and I have some compost in the works, but it’s not ready yet.  So, for now they get a boost from Miracle-Gro.


Then I placed two empty jugs in the center to make it higher to help with water run off from any rain we may get.


I planted spinach to the left of the milk jug, lettuce in front and behind them, then a different variety lettuce to the right of the oil jug.


I draped the plastic over the jugs and tacked it down on all sides with some fabric pegs and then covered the edges with dirt to seal it.

I went back out a few hours later to make sure the wind hadn’t somehow blown it away and it was still in tact.  In fact, there was some condensation on the inside already.  I do believe it’s heating up already.  We made it into the mid 40’s today and it’s supposed to get into the upper 50’s tomorrow.  This should help get the heat going before it cools back down mid-week.

I’ll take a peek in a week to see if anything is sprouting yet.  If this goes good, I’m going to get carrots started in the other bed.

I would love for this to work so we can have fresh salad 3 out of 4 seasons of the year.

Do you garden in the Winter?  Or get a jump start on Spring by using cold frames?

I’ll keep you posted on how mine goes.

6 thoughts on “My Gardening Experiment

  1. Elizabeth says:

    It looks great and using cheaper material is smart! You’ll have salad before you know it! I really should do some kind of cold frame so I can start my cold weather crops earlier. Of course, right now we’ve got a couple of inches of snow on the ground so it’ll be a while. But I can’t wait to get out there!

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