What a nice weekend!

What a wonderful weekend.  Old man winter is giving us a break and we’re trying to take full advantage of it.

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous!  Our high was in the upper 60’s.  We decided to work on an area of the woods at the edge of the pasture where an old pig shelter is.  There’s quite a bit of brush and some Cedar’s that my husband has been wanting to clear out.


There’s a couple of Hackberry trees next to that group of Cedar’s that are going to be firewood in the very near future.

My husband got the tractor out and mowed down the smaller stuff.


Short sleeves on February 12th!  It’s just crazy!




He hauled the trees to another part of the land where they will become wildlife habitat.



The old pig shelter is getting closer to being exposed.

I also took some time to sit and watch the goats.  I had to run down to the house for a minute and Woodrow decided to keep my chair warm for me.  LOL!  He’s so much fun!


Then on Sunday I worked in the kitchen all morning.  I baked a couple loaves of bread and cooked up some hamburger that was marked down at Wal-Mart on Saturday morning (I LOVE catching those early bird sales!).  I also baked a batch of peanut butter cookies and dipped some in dark chocolate.  My co-workers will like those!

We were going to head outside and work a little more Sunday afternoon, but the winds kicked in.  We decided it would be a good afternoon to relax and catch up on some YouTube videos.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend as well.

It’s back to the ‘9-5’ now.  Have a great week!

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