Is it Spring yet?

We’re still enjoying this Spring like weather in the middle of February.  Our local weatherman has dubbed it Maybruary.  The highs have been in the 70’s and the lows are not dropping below freezing.  Looks like we’ll be this way until the end of next week.

So, I have uncovered my lettuce and spinach and they are growing great!  My My Gardening Experiment is working out.

I’m taking advantage of the warm weather and went ahead and planted carrots and radishes.


I know there is still a lot of Winter left to the season and I will cover everything up when the temps drop back below freezing.  I’m just so excited to get a jump start on the growing season and I can hardly wait to have fresh greens to eat!

Today I also planted tomatoes inside.  My main tomato plant will be Roma’s this year.  I have plans to put up a lot of sauces this summer and these are the best variety for canning as they are meatier.  I’ll plant some beefsteaks as well for sandwiches, but canning is my main focus.

My seed potatoes should be arriving in the next few weeks and those will go in the ground mid March.

How’s the weather in your area?  Have you started any seeds inside or outside yet?

3 thoughts on “Is it Spring yet?

  1. carolee says:

    We are having similar warm weather here in Indiana, so I’m planting lettuce, snow peas, spinach and radishes today directly into beds. I seeded 41 varieties 2/14 indoors, mostly flowers first, but so far only snapdragons, rudbeckia, stock, pansies, violas and hollyhocks have germinated. Peppers, parsley, celery, broccoli raab, and cipollini should be popping through any time…those are the only veg seeds so far. Next round of seeding is mostly veggies (3/7).

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  2. OpenSkiesFarmstead says:

    Ugh you’re killing me with your beautiful weather and photos! It’s very much winter here on the lower Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Got 6″ of snow two days ago, 6″ the day before that, 4″ the day before that….need I go on? All I’ve been doing is shoveling snow and dreaming of temps in the 40s. Normally we have to start seeds inside in Late Feb-Early Mar but I’m starting to doubt that’s going to happen. It’s just too cold in the house still. Sigh. I choose to live vicariously thru you for now…

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