Man! Am I worn out!

We had a very productive weekend and it kicked my rear.  :O)

Here’s what the weekend had in store.

My strawberry plants arrived!  So, on Saturday my honey tilled up the spot and I got busy raking out all the leftover Alfalfa.  At first I dug holes and put the plants in and after two rows I noticed that they just got lost in the dirt.  I went back and made mounds so I could see them.  I planted 45 of ’em.  This is my first real attempt at strawberries.  We’ll see how it goes.


On Sunday, we put up a chicken wire fence to keep at least the bunnies out.


There was the normal goat pen cleaning chores as well on Saturday.  I tied the goats out in the pasture for a few hours and that just wore little Ranger out.  Next weekend’s project is stringing a hot wire fence so we can turn them out in the pasture.  I’d let them ‘free range’, but they eat all of the things I don’t want them to.


My lettuce and spinach is coming along nicely.  Our long range forecast is looking really good so, I’m going to try leaving them uncovered.  I want to go ahead and pull out the jugs and sow some more in the empty spaces.  I’ll probably do that sometime this week.

The bed just behind it has carrots and radishes in it.  The radishes are starting to come up.


I took some time today and turned the compost.  I know this isn’t a good ‘bin’ to compost in since there’s no way for air to circulate.  We got this from a friend of ours and I thought it would make a great raised bed.  I started tossing yard waste in it just to help fill it up so it wouldn’t take so much dirt.  Now I’m just trying to make compost out of it so it will make a great raised garden bed.  It’s getting there.

Then inside the house I made some yummy things.

This was a pesto cheese tortellini with vegetables.  I baked up some Italian bread to go with it (forgot to snap a picture of it).  I’ll be sure to write up the recipe the next time I make this.  I was too tired Saturday night to think about it.


This morning I got up and baked a couple loaves of bread.


We also managed to visit both of our parents, get the laundry done, went grocery shopping, and I prepped breakfast for the week by making Breakfast Burritos.

So, I am worn out.  I say this with love though.  There is no better way to spend a weekend than visiting with family and digging in the dirt.

I hope you’ve had a great weekend.  Here’s to a restful week.


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