Old Man Winter is Returning

Well, since we had Spring in February it’s time to have Winter in March.  The weather in just this one week has been crazy.  We had tornadoes on Monday and snow is in the forecast for Saturday. ugh!

I know I took a risk by planting things early, but I was also prepared to give them some protection.

My lettuce and spinach are coming along really nice.  I know they are cool weathered plants, but I don’t want the frost to hurt them.


They are all tucked in and ready for the freezing temps.  I also put a nice layer of straw on the raised bed with the carrots and radishes.  The carrots haven’t started coming up yet, but the radishes started peeking through this week.


The strawberries also got a nice blanket of straw to keep them safe.


We’ll be switching gears this weekend to focus on some projects inside the house.  It’s hard to work inside when the weather is nice, so this will be a great weekend to get some of those things done.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Old Man Winter is Returning

  1. carolee says:

    Good idea to cover the strawberries since they were newly planted. That will keep them from heaving out of the ground. Here in Indiana, we have forecast for night time temps in the teens for the next week….that’s not just frost, that’s freeze, so I guess it was a good thing it was too wet to plant, or I’d be out covering, too. Will have to wrap my budded forsythia this afternoon, though. Seems like you have good instincts, so all should be well.

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    • newgardenhomestead says:

      Thanks for reading my blog. Our forecast sounds a lot like yours for the next week with night time temps in the teens. I have several flowers coming up as well, but I haven’t cleaned out those beds yet. Hopefully the fall leaves that are there will protect them. I hope your forsythia makes it.


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