Indoor Gardening Space

Since Old Man Winter is Returning we decided to work inside today on some projects that we’ve been putting off.

We got a dusting of snow this morning that the birds seemed to enjoy.  I went out first thing this morning and filled the feeders.  They seemed very thankful.  🙂

My project of the day was to get my seed starters off my dining room table.

We have a spare room/storage room in the basement that had become very disorganized over the past 6 months.  Our youngest daughter moved back home in July and our oldest moved to Washington in December.  They each have things they are storing in there, but not very neatly.  Then there are the 4 plants that are stored there for the Winter.  They’ll go back outside after we have our last frost.

I pulled all of it out and sorted it for each girl and also made a keep, trash, and sell pile.  I swept up all the leaves and dust and then put everything to keep and sell back in the room.  I’ll decide later if we’ll have a garage sale or just sell stuff on Craigslist.

We stopped at Lowes after our ‘wonderful’ dinner last night and picked up a shelving unit, grow light and heat mat.


I got everything put together and organized.


I put my tomato sprouts under the grow light and re-potted the bush beans into old milk jugs that I’ve been saving.  Those little guys sprouted up 6 inches over night!  I had to get them out of the tray so the peppers and egg plant could have a chance.  I put the peppers and egg plant on the heat map to help them out.

I’m planning on making this room our root cellar as well.  We would like to add more shelving to hold the potatoes and onions that we plan to harvest along with all the wonderful sauces and jams that I’m going to can.

I think my plants look happier already.  I know I am.  This project brought me a lot of joy today.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too!


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