Around the Homestead

Here are a few pictures from around our little homestead this weekend.

We spotted one of the stray cats while taking a walk.  We decided to name it Briquette.  He/She is very pretty and I’m sure it’s doing a great job catching mice.  Briquette was keeping a close eye on us.


I almost named my blog Redbud Ridge because the woods on our property are splattered with these beautiful trees.



I managed to clean up one of my flower beds today.  Here’s the before picture.


Here’s the after.  Each year I like to add a new perennial to it.  However, I have to save room for the Zinnia’s.  They’ll go along the backside by the bird feeders.


My lettuce is booming!  We’ve been enjoying fresh salads every night.  I planted more seeds in the empty spaces.  They’re beginning to sprout.


Have a great week!


One thought on “Around the Homestead

  1. Kim of Red Dirt Farm says:

    That little Briquette is a keeper! I too love redbuds – many of ours have been lost in recent years to ice damage. It is disappointing, they are always one of the first signs that spring really is here. The few remaining here, are just starting to bloom. Good work on your garden. There must always be room for the zinnias! xo Kim

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