Transplanting tomatoes

My little tomato plants are getting so big!


I dedicated my quiet morning time to transplanting these guys into bigger containers.  I’m trying to do this as economical as possible and not buy a bunch of supplies.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to transplant them into and came up with the idea of using plastic cups.  I got a pack of 50 for $2.68 at Wal-Mart.  That comes out to roughly $0.05 each. Sounds like a great buy to me!


My plants are very leggy.  When they first sprouted, I had them on the kitchen table and they had to reach for the light.

I have read that you want to plant most of the stem of the tomato so that it will have a stronger root system.  So, I took advantage of these little guys being leggy and planted them deep in the cups.  They should develop a really nice root system.

I originally planted 72 seeds.  Today I transplanted 55 plants.  I had a few that didn’t make it along the way and then I ran out of space and cups and decided not to transplant a few that were looking weak.



I ran out of room on the shelving and had to set up a little table.


I believe I am going to have enough tomato plants to share with friends and family!

I’m going to need to build some shelves down here to store all the sauces and salsas that I’ll be canning this summer.  I can hardly wait!

6 thoughts on “Transplanting tomatoes

  1. Kim of Red Dirt Farm says:

    I’m envious of your set-up, I’m hoping someday my root cellar will look like this. I’m behind getting my seeds started. Did you put a hole in the bottom of the cup? I have a bunch of the same cups that I could use – just thinking ahead.

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    • newgardenhomestead says:

      Thank you. The other side of that room is all storage. Lol! Mostly stuff our children are storing here.
      I didn’t put a hole in the bottom of the cups. I started to but the screwdriver I was using wasn’t working. I’m just going to water them lightly to make sure I don’t drown them.

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