Smoked Pork Loin

This past weekend we broke down and purchased a new BBQ grill.  The one we’ve had for several years finally bit the dust.  It rusted through the back side and had become a fire hazard.

We’ve been looking around and found a smoker, charcoal, gas combo grill that we really liked.  We first found it at Lowe’s for $439.  Then we happened upon it at Academy Sports for $399.  I know that’s still a lot of money for a grill, but we cook outside A LOT!  We’ve only smoked one piece of meat before, but both of our brothers do and we really enjoy the taste.

We picked up the grill on Saturday.  Academy Sports only sells them put together.  That was a nice surprise which saved us an hour or so of time putting it together.

We cured the grill just as you would a cast iron skillet.  It was all ready for cooking!

On Sunday we prepped the pork loin for smoking.  I rubbed it down with a nice BBQ rub.  You could use whatever your favorite seasoning is.




My husband lit some charcoal in the side chamber and put some hickory on it.  We/ve got plenty of hickory from our firewood.

We placed the pork loin on the grill close to the smoke stack so it would get a nice flow of smoke.

We kept the temperature between 200 and 250 degrees.  We let it cook until the inner temperature reached 155 degrees.


We worked around the yard while it cooked and kept an eye on it to make sure the temperature stayed steady.  We added more charcoal and hickory as necessary.


It took about 3 hours to reach that inner temperature of 155 degrees.  We let it rest about 30 minutes before we sliced it.

Look at that smoke ring!  It turned out great!  It had a nice smokey flavor and was very juicy.


We served it up with a nice baked sweet potato, green beans and homemade wheat bread.


We took it for lunch today and had it for supper again tonight.  We made a BBQ sandwich with it and had some baked macaroni & cheese with it to change it up.

We’re looking forward to smoking a brisket and some ribs in the near future.

What is your favorite thing to grill or smoke?




9 thoughts on “Smoked Pork Loin

  1. OpenSkiesFarmstead says:

    I grill 5-6 nights a week, year-round. Best way to cook, I think. The only food we’ve smoked is salmon (of course, since we are in Alaska) and beef. Mr. Open Sky is going to build us a new smoker probably next year and then we are going to try doing rabbit, goat, and maybe pig and moose. I can’t say I have a favorite to grill since I grill so much. Halibut, salmon, chicken, beef, veggies, bread, desserts……basically anything. I will say, he just bought me a new grill yesterday since ours bit the dust as well and I’ve been without a grill for a few weeks (it’s been killin’ me!) I’m excited to put it to use tonight.

    Liked by 1 person

    • newgardenhomestead says:

      I haven’t cooked fish very much in my lifetime. Growing up it came out of a box. Lol! I need to venture out and try cooking it. Cooking it on the grill would keep the fish smell out of the house. 😃 I’ll have to give it a whirl.


      • OpenSkiesFarmstead says:

        There’s definitely a learning curve cooking fish. I get it fresh from friends and when we catch it ourselves. But you want to cook it low and slow, usually. I get the grill nice and hot and then let it cool off while the fish is cooking, the ambient heat in the grill doing most of the work. Don’t flip it and DO NOT overcook! I like to use a little avocado oil on the fish to help clean the grill. After the fish is cooked I get the heat up real high to burn off any fish skin that might be stuck to the grill. Makes clean-up a snap.

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