Emergency Preparedness 

A few weeks ago, we had some severe weather in our area. My town had high winds, but fortunately stayed out of the path of the tornados. A friend/co-worker of mine talked about how they headed to their storm shelter because it was so bad in her area. She mentioned her go bag and I couldn’t believe that I’ve never thought of having one!
Do you have a go bag or an emergency preparedness kit? I’m now in the process of putting together an emergency kit to store in our safe place/tornado safe area. Here are the items that will be going in it.

• Flashlights

• Batteries

• Weather radio

• Extra set of clothing and shoes for each person.

• Matches

• Candles

• First Aid kit (bandages, antibacterial ointment, ibuprofen, ice pack, etc).

• 4-day supply of life essential prescriptions.

• Whistle – if you’re buried in rubble, someone could hear you.

• Multi-purpose tool/knife

• Toilet paper

• Bucket

• Trash bag

• Bottled water

• Non-perishable food/snacks

• Hard candy/mints

• Blankets

• Personal documents (i.e. birth & marriage documents). These are kept in a fire safe box, but the box needs to be put somewhere safer.

• Insurance documents, bill information. My friend keeps a copy of her homeowner’s insurance in her go bag. I do everything electronically these days, but I didn’t have websites and logon information stored anywhere but my computer. If the computer gets blown away or burned or crashes, I’m SOL! I have remedied this and put the URLs and logon info in a safe place outside of the computer.

• Copy of driver’s license.

• Copy of credit cards (front and back)

• Cash – small bills

The reason for this emergency kit is to help us get by if the house would be wiped out by a tornado. Just think about all the things that you have throughout the house that you wouldn’t think to grab when you’re running to your storm shelter. You don’t want to think about all those things. The only thing you need to be focused on is saving your life and your family.

Another great idea my friend had was to put one picture of her child from every year (i.e. school picture) in their safe. She said this way she would still have a picture from every year in the event of a fire or tornado wiping out the house.

I know there are all sorts of emergencies that we could be prepared for, but my main focus is tornadoes. That is my biggest weather fear and is the most likely to happen. I’m not a prepper, I just want to be prepared.  

Plan for the worst and hope for the best!

Are you prepared for a major weather event? What is your threat – hurricane, tornado, flood, earth quake, blizzard? If so, what are some items you keep on hand? Have you ever needed to use them?

2 thoughts on “Emergency Preparedness 

  1. sproutandsprig says:

    I had a fully stocked, 3-day go bag for myself and my two kids (all in one huge bag!) for a number of years because we lived just a mile and a half from the ocean on the Oregon coast. Tsunami country. We’d have had to run about 1/2 a mile to get to a safe zone, and then probably live out of our bag for awhile. I had everything in there: food, water, clothes, tent, medical supplies, etc. But then we moved inland out of the tsunami zone and I don’t need that level of stuff anymore, thankfully. I do think a smaller version would be good to keep in my car, for myriad emergencies that could come up. I need to work on that!

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