Gardening is in full swing

Our Spring gardening chores are in full swing!  We have been very busy cleaning garden beds and prepping them for flowers and veggies.

I spent most of the weekend trying to rid the world (or my small piece of it) from chick weed and dead nettle.  I can’t express how much I despise chick weed.  That horrible weed is just as bad as clover with it’s web of roots.  My hands were so sore from pulling and digging.


Here’s an after picture of one of the beds.  I still have the front & side of the house to clean up.

I prepped the trough that I’d been using for composting and got it ready for planting.  It has been planted with broccoli, cauliflower and brocollini.


The radishes, carrots and lettuce are doing great!  We’re eating fresh salads every night.  I’m so glad I got a jump start on the season with my My Gardening Experiment.

The onions are coming up slowly.  I purchased these from Wal-Mart and I’m just not impressed.  I have some strawberries that I purchased there as well and only one of the twenty plants took off.  ugh!


This little garden area has been named the Salad Garden.


My husband is going to till up part of that middle section for me tomorrow (see all of that chick weed and dead nettle!?!?!).  I’m going to plant a few varieties of peppers there along with a cherry tomato.  I also sowed some cucumber seeds in front of the lattice panel to the right of the picture.  I’ll sow more in a few weeks.

The potatoes are coming up in big garden and we transplanted the bush beans today along with sowing a ton more!  My husband planted three rows of Bodacious sweet corn.  He’ll plant some Peaches ‘n Cream in a few weeks.

The strawberries I purchased from Gurney’s have done really well.  Even with all the rain we had recently, they are still very dry.  The strawberry patch will get some TLC over the course of the next few days.  Lots of weeding to do there too…


We are on vacation this week and trying to knock out as much of these chores as possible.

Still on my to do list:

  • Finish weeding flower beds
  • Transplant mums
  • Split/transplant black-eyed susan’s and another plant I can’t remember it’s name.  LOL!
  • Plant peppers
  • Plant asparagus
  • Plant strawberries to replace the dead ones from Wal-Mart.
  • Paint garden signs (a fun little idea I had)
  • Rest & Relax

I hope you’re having a wonderful week!


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