My new favorite garden tool

I don’t know where this has been all my life!  

How have I tackled weeds without it?  Oh yeah, hours upon hours of back & knee breaking work of pulling the darn things!

Not anymore!  This wonderful hoe is making my life so much better. It has freed up time that can be spent on much more enjoyable chores or even relaxing. 

The label on the handle says it’s a Shuffle hoe. My brother calls it a stirrup hoe. I call it my buddy!

Now it doesn’t pull them out by the root, but it sure cuts them off at ground level and just below (depending on how hard you dig down). It makes quick work of the weeds in the rows between my plants and around them. You just have to be careful when getting up close because it will easily remove part or all of the plant. 

I’m not part of an affiliate program. I’m just singing the praises of this wonderful tool. 

Here is a before and after of the strawberry patch. 

What’s your favorite garden tool?

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