The garden is growing and producing some nice veggies!

We’ve been very busy tending to the gardens over the past two weeks.  We had some extra time off with the Memorial day holiday and it was spent outside- my favorite place.

The corn has been weeded and thinned out.  The tomatoes are in.  I only had a few of my seedlings make it.   I had to go out and buy some plants.  The potatoes have been hilled one last time.  We planted more beans.  Planted watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin & eggplant.  I’ll share pictures in another post.

Today we harvested broccolini.  It is delicious!  It has a little bit of sweetness to it.  (In the background you can see peppers, cucumbers & onions growing.)


I cut it up, but left some of the stalks on there.  They are really good too!  This was two of the heads that I harvested.


I boiled them for just a couple of minutes to soften them and warm them up.  We had it with fettuccine alfredo tonight along with a nice side salad and a piece of garlic toast.


We’re going to have quite a bit of broccoli this year.  I need to research how to freeze it.

Happy gardening!


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