Grading the Driveway

A couple of times a year my husband grades the driveway.  He does this to fix ruts from the rain and to bring the gravel back to the surface.  It sinks down and the weeds grow up.

Here’s the before picture.  He’s just getting started down by the house.  I’m standing up by the barn.DSCN0703

He uses the box blade to dig down and get the gravel that has sunk into the ground.  We haven’t had much rain lately so this was a dusty job today.

Here’s the after picture.  The weeds are gone and there is a nice pad of gravel again.  We had a load of gravel brought in 5 years ago.  Instead of getting more when it disappears, my husband is able to revive it and save us a bunch of money!


Over the years he has found all sorts of things buried in the driveway…rakes, horse shoes, barbed wire and today he found a stump.  He said it stopped the tractor when he hit it.  I was weeding the garden at the time and didn’t get a picture of the stump or the hole he had to fix.

All of these finds makes me think about the people that lived here before us and how they must have used the land and how they cleared it to get it to where it is today.


2 thoughts on “Grading the Driveway

  1. Kim of Red Dirt Farm says:

    It looks like your husband has gotten pretty good at that job. Your land is so lovely. It is interesting to see the color of your driveway rock – it is so light in color, very different from ours here. I love buried treasure, – it is always fun to find and imagine the hands that were involved working the land before us. xo kim

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