Eating for Health

We have embarked on a better way of eating.  My husband’s blood pressure has been staying around 150/90+ since last Fall and he has finally come to realize that those numbers have become his normal and that needed to change.

See, he was diagnosed with Kidney cancer in Sept 2007.  Thankfully it was contained to just one of his kidney’s and they were able to get all of it by removing the kidney.  He can live a perfectly normal life with just the one kidney as long as he keeps it healthy.  He can’t have Hypertension or Diabetes.  Those two diseases are very bad on the Kidneys.

He also doesn’t want to take medicine to get it down.  So, I’ve been doing some research and found the DASH diet.  It stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension.  We have been following this diet for about 3 weeks now.  He has also taken up walking at least 5-6 days a week.  He’s getting up early and walking on the treadmill before work.

I’m happy to report that he has dropped 10 pounds and his blood pressure is staying around 124/86!  Diet and exercise can make a difference.

The DASH diet in a nutshell is eating foods as close to their original state as possible (i.e. fresh vegetables, fruit, unprocessed foods, etc).  Plus, keeping a very close eye on the sodium content.  For instance when buying canned beans, be sure to get the sodium free versions.  This goes the same for any canned vegetables.  Really the only canned veggies I buy are tomatoes (sauce, paste, diced).  I’m hoping to have a wonderful harvest so I will be able to can my own this summer.

This has altered our shopping budget quite a bit.  I’ve increased it to allow for the extra vegetables that we buying.  However, we have quite a bit coming on from the garden and that will really help out.

Here’s to eating for health!

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