Monitoring your property

When was the last time you walked/drove your property line? Do you do this regularly?  
We live on 20 acres and my husband keeps a path mowed around the pasture area and we walk this for exercise quite often. However, the woods have gotten rather thick with brush and it’s been a couple months since I’ve been in there. The first few years he kept a trail cleared for the 4-wheeler and walking, but that didn’t happen this year. He’s wandered in there a few times to check on things.

Well, I have a story for you. We were outside working in the yard this weekend – I was weeding and he was mowing. He was down in the ravine mowing one of the trails and I heard the mower stop. I waited a minute or two and it didn’t start back up. This always concerns me. I started down that way and saw that he was ok. Whew! I was afraid maybe it had rolled or something. He motioned me to come down.

He found an UTV on its side in the dry creek bed. This thing had come down a 30-foot drop from the road – over rocks and small trees. I don’t know how somebody wasn’t hurt.

We went across the road to the neighbor to see if they heard anything. The drop was directly across from their house and they are retired. There’s not much out there that happens without them knowing about it. They hadn’t heard a thing.  

We called the Sherriff. They were busy on emergencies and sent out the State Highway Patrol. He wandered back in there to make sure there wasn’t anyone still down there. Luckily, there wasn’t.

We thought the UTV looked like one another neighbor had and sure enough it was his. It had been stolen a week ago – for the 2nd time!  

The tow truck winched it out of the ravine, but unfortunately it wouldn’t start. While that creek bed stays dry, we had just had a big rain (4”) the Wednesday prior.  

We’re guessing they must have somehow pushed it down the ravine. If they had gone down with it, they would have been seriously hurt.  

Since we monitor the property line on a regular basis, it was discovered pretty quick. Now we’re on high alert for some thieves/vandals roaming around.

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