The not so pretty side of gardening

I thought I would share with you the not so pretty side of gardening, at least the troubles we’ve been facing this growing season.

Don’t get me wrong, we have been enjoying some bountiful harvests, but along with that comes bugs, bugs, more bugs and lots of weeds!  I thoroughly enjoy gardening and all the chores that come with it.  I just wish I had more time to tend to it.

Squash bugs!  We have been fighting these for some time now.  They started on the zucchini and now that they are done and out of the garden the bugs are attacking the pumpkin.  We have been successful at keeping them at bay with a mixture of water and Dawn dish soap.  It’s not wiping them out, but it is knocking them down some.  As you can see in this picture, they have laid quite a few eggs.


Japanese Beetles!  They are trying to take over the pole beans.  Last year they wiped out our grape vine.  We haven’t done anything for them this year other than crossing my fingers and hoping they don’t wipe out the beans.


Critter or bugs??  I’m not exactly sure what’s getting the cantaloupe.  I thought it was a critter at first, but I can see where they are starting to split by the time they are ripe.  If we wait a day too long to pick them, they’re goners!  We’ve harvested two so far and they have been delicious!


Little black bugs.  Not sure what these are that have been trying to get the eggplant.  I used some Seven dust on them when the plant was little and it worked for a bit.  I need to dust it again.


Blossom end rot!  This is my first time growing roma tomatoes and boy have we had an issue with blossom end rot!  The Big Beef and Brandywine have been fine though.  I found some spray to help give the Roma’s some calcium and it seems to be working.  I was worried that I was going to loose all my sauce tomatoes to rot.  All of my tomatoes are slow coming on this year.  We’re having some below average temperatures here in MO and I’m afraid it’s going to hurt the quantity of the crop.



There are so many weeds!  This picture is a Where’s Waldo…make that Where’s the Strawberry plants.  ugh!  The poor Strawberry patch has been neglected something awful.  I have uncovered one row.  🙂


Also, we lost our corn to wind and lodging.  What few stalks did rebound we lost the ears to corn ear worms.  They were really bad!  We managed to get about 8 ears in total.

The garden hasn’t been all bad.  I just wanted to make sure I shared the bad along with the good.  As you can see from previous posts, we have had some bountiful harvests and the crops are still producing.

Hang in there, you can win against the bugs and weeds and when you do…the fruit of your labor never tasted so good!

Happy Gardening!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @newgardenhomestead for all the latest going on around the farm.

9 thoughts on “The not so pretty side of gardening

  1. quarteracrehome says:

    Melons tend to split when it’s hot, sunny, and they get inconsistent watering. The influx of water expands the ‘lopes and the heat shrinks the rind. Then the go CRACK to release the tension. I’m going to try some shade cloth and more consistent watering this year for mine.

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  2. valbjerke says:

    For any ‘bugs’ that are soft (caterpillars/slugs you name it) sift diatomaceous earth on the leaves/underside of leaves of the plants.
    For blossom end rot – save your eggs shells and mix them in the soil. I also put oyster shell on the dirt and water through it.
    All worth a try. Works for me.

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  3. The Belmont Rooster says:

    I have been frustrated for so long over bugs. I do not and will not use “chemicals” in my garden. Neem oil works pretty well, I think. The other way I have found to help control them is to plant extra. Another way is to do some research and plant other plants that attract the unwanted bugs more than what they are eating. Amaranthus planted close to your beans will keep the Bean Beetles busy. It worked for me anyway. The Amaranthus leaves were basically see through but no problems on the green beans. Some years the insects are just much worse than others, like this one. I have been a gardener for many years and this is the first year I have ever had a problem with, or hardly ever seen, Japanese Beetles. OMG! They were everywhere!!! Almost made me feel like setting fire to the garden! They completely destroyed the roses! They ate all the leaves off the elm trees almost to the point there was hardly any shade under them… The funny thing about them was how fast they would fly off. I was spraying Neem Oil on the tomatoes (because I brought home whiteflies from the greenhouse) and I walked over to the okra. The beetles were having a lot of fun so I sprayed them… They wanted no part of it and immediately flew off. I tried taking photos of them for the blog and they wouldn’t have that either. SO, maybe we can just scare them off… Hopefully next year they won’t be so bad.

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