Homemade Tenderloins

Tonight I made something that I haven’t made in quite some time, tenderloins!  I love tenderloins and will order them from time to time when we go out.  However, they always taste better when you make them yourself.

This meal is semi-homemade. I pick up some tenderized pork chops and the cracker of choice.  This is where the fun begins.  You can change up the taste however you like.  Tonight I used Cheez-its, but you could use Ritz, Clubs, Chicken ‘n Biscuits or whatever your favorite cracker is.  There is no wrong answer!

I start with the crackers and put them in a baggie and turn them into crumbs with my rolling pin.  Gently roll them out while being careful not put holes in the bag.


The chops I purchased have already been tenderized.  This is a nice time saver.  I set up my dipping station and get busy.  The Cheez-it’s have the taste I’m looking for so the only seasoning I add is pepper.


I dip the chops in the egg and then into the cracker crumbs.


I fry them in my cast iron skillet until the tenderloin starts to turn white all around the edges and then they are flipped and cooked for a few more minutes.


Do you like the crocheted handler I made?  This is a hotpad that fits right over the handle of the cast iron skillet.

Dinner is ready!  I put some mayo and garden fresh tomato on mine served with some homemade baked mac & cheese.  It was very yummy!!


You have to make these soon and use your favorite cracker.  It will soon be a family favorite!

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