My little buddy, Ranger, has had a rough week.

My husband noticed he was very ill Monday evening when he went out to feed them for me.  He had scours and very bloated.

We’re not exactly sure what made him sick, but I think it was apples.  I fed him and Woodrow some apples last Saturday and they LOVED them!

It rained all day Sunday and they hung out in their house all day.  He was laying down the two times I checked on them, but I didn’t think anything about it since it was raining.  They’re not crazy about getting wet, so I didn’t expect them to come see me.

Monday evening we began searching the internet for what we needed to do.  We got him up and had him walk a little to help get rid of the bloat.  We also read that putting their front feet up on something to get them at a 45 degree angle could help work up the gas.  We did this and he did burp a little.  I could hear the gurgling sounds in his tummy and that made me feel better.  From what I know, this meant the rumen was still ‘working’.


On Tuesday he wasn’t much better.  I read that baking soda would help and decided to give that a try.  I mixed up baking soda and water and used a large syringe to squirt some down his throat.  It’s very hard to pry open a goat’s mouth…I think I wore more of the solution than went down him.

Wednesday was better…he wasn’t great, but seemed better.  He got lots of tummy rubs.

Thursday – He was up and moving on his own.  He found the remnants of an old mineral block and was licking it a lot.  My husband went out to the back pasture and found the salt block we had put out for the deer and brought that to Ranger.  He was all about it.  We weren’t sure if that was a good or bad thing…

Friday-  He was up and moving and ate two crackers!  He was beginning to be himself again.  Here he’s peeking at me from the side of his house.


Saturday – He was back to eating and his poop was almost normal

Sunday- He poop was back to all pebbles and he was all about his crackers that they get as a treat!

It was a scary week.  We didn’t know if he was going to make it or not.  We’re not 100% sure that it was the apples as Woodrow didn’t get sick and he had more than Ranger.  I do know that I won’t give them any more!



6 thoughts on “Ranger

  1. valbjerke says:

    I had goats for years…..they tend to be gluttons when they find something they like to eat that’s outside the norm. I had two Alpines get loose once while I was at work – they had a field day. One survived the gluttony with no ill effects, one was laid flat out the size of a barrel. You did the right thing – get them moving, the baking soda is a decent idea – I used to actually leave a bucket of soda in the barn free choice for them. Likely the apples kicked his rumen balance out of whack.

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      • valbjerke says:

        Oh I didn’t clarify! She survived the episode – with the help of a vet who managed with no small amount of struggle to pump some stuff into her stomach. She was good the next day.
        The vet told me – goats can survive quite well despite their shenanigans. By the way – biologically- goats are most closely related to deer. So it’s not that they can’t have apples (around here deer love the orchards) but possibly fewer of them and chopped up 😊

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