Organizing the Shop – Part 1

My husband has been working on organizing the shop and we decided to tackle my corner, the garden center.

We started on Sunday with pulling everything out.  I used this as an opportunity to do a first sort of what to keep and what to get rid of (trash/recycle or sell).


You can see where we have attempted to organize it before, but it quickly became a corner of piles of this or that.  It would take forever to find what I needed.

Now that we have a clean slate, we removed the boards that were there from the days of it being a cow and horse barn.  We’ll set those aside to use on other projects as they come up.

My honey tilled up the area to get rid of a hole that had formed in front of the hydrant.  He leveled it out and tamped it down.  Then he wet it down to help set it.  We let it dry for a few days before putting the area back together.

We reused some of the boards that we took down and made shelves out them.  These will hold my flower pots and get quite a few things off the ground.

We’re putting hooks under the bottom shelf to hang shovels, rakes, loppers and whatever else that will fit.


This is SO much better.  Everything has a home now.  To make it even better, we didn’t have to buy a thing!  Everything was done from re-purposed items or what we had lying around.  I have a nice little pile of items to sell and we tossed/recycled the items that were beyond repair.

There’s even room to park the rider in the corner and still get to the hydrant.  No more piles of tools or flower pots.  Now like things are together and in a spot that is easy to get to.  I just need to have the discipline to keep it this way and put things back in their spot when I’m done.


It’s such a good feeling.

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