Who doesn’t love applesauce?!?  Oh yeah, my oldest daughter.  However, my youngest LOVES it!  She has told me that we are not allowed to give any of it away.  LOL!

I picked up a small bag of apples from a local farm that is nearby.  They have this nice farm-stand where they sell all sorts of veggies.  I paid $1.50/pound and they were worth it.

We did sit down and order 4 trees so we can get our orchard started.  Two of the trees have arrived and we’ll get them planted this week.  I can’t wait until I can walk outside and pick them.

If you’ve ever made applesauce, you know the worse part is peeling and coring them.  Let me tell you, if you have a KitchenAide mixer – you need to get the spriralizer attachment!  This saves so much time and apple!  And it was FUN!

You just stick the apple on and turn it on speed #6.  I used the peeler and large corer attachment.  I zipped right through those apples!

As you can see in the bowl, there is very little waste.  It peels it nice and close.  Not like what I would do if I was doing it by hand.

I had another bowl sitting there with water and lemon juice to put the apples in until I was down.  This way they wouldn’t turn brown on me.

Once all the apples were peeled and cored, i put them in a large dutch oven with a cup of water on medium heat – stirring often.


As the apples are cooking and getting soft, you can mash them with a potato masher.  If you want the sauce smoother, you can put the cooked apples in the blender or use an emulsion blender.  If the sauce is too thick, you can add more water to thin it.


At this point you can add sugar if the apples aren’t sweet enough.  Don’t add too much though as the apples will sweeten up as they sit after being canned.

While the apples were cooking, I was preparing my jars and the water bath.

Fill the hot, clean jars leaving a 1/2″ headspace.  Place them in the water bath and process them in boiling water for 20 minutes.


I got 6 pints from this batch.  I paid $11 for the apples.  I know I could buy applesauce much cheaper than this, but I know where the apples came from and can control what goes in it.

I have canned in the past, but not to the level that I have this year.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.

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PS – I do not have an affiliate.  This is just me talking about the kitchen tools that I love.



3 thoughts on “Applesauce

  1. Grace says:

    How fun to find your post this morning. We just took my grandson apple picking, and – as it turns out – my mom would like me to make her some apple sauce! I have everything but the Kitchen Aid attachment….which I am about to go purchase right now, thanks to your recommendation (I have pies to make as well, and I HATE peeling and coring! LOL) Does this attachment work for potatoes, by any chance???

    Liked by 1 person

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