Apple Orchard Started!

We received two of the apple trees that we ordered!  The Honey Crisp & Jonathon trees arrived on Saturday.

We discussed again the best place to plant them and set to it tonight.  We have all this space between the house and the barn/shop that is just ‘yard’.  We decided using some of this would be a great use of space.

My honey dug the holes and I gave him lots of moral support.  LOL!  And I got the compost and water.


We spaced them 20 feet off the driveway and 20 feet apart.


The next two will go 20 feet in from these.


I am so excited about this!  I know this sounds corny, but this really felt like we were taking a step towards doing something for our future.

I can’t wait for the other two to get here.  Then I just have to be patient for the next year or two until we get our own apples…

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