WordPress Blog & Photos

Well, I’m really bummed!  I was looking over my website today and noticed that so many of my photos were missing.  I thought maybe it was just my computer so I grabbed the hubby’s phone and pulled up the site and they were still gone…

I did some research and learned that when you delete photos from your WordPress Media Library, they disappear from your blogs as well.

I guess I missed that bit of information when I set up my blog a year ago…

So, I have a Photos tab on my website that contains zero photos and quite a few blogs that no longer contain pictures.

We live and learn.

I’m going to try to look at this as an opportunity to sort through my photos and the ones that I really like.

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6 thoughts on “WordPress Blog & Photos

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    I too have missing photos for the same reason. Last year I upgraded to the Personal plan just because I needed more photo space. When I use up all of that space not sure what I will do. Maybe start a new blog. LOL.

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